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Bitcoin was found to have a «fatal disease»

Bitcoin was found to have a «fatal disease»

Programmer Peter Wulle discovered a “deadly disease” in bitcoin, writes CoinDesk. It consists of a system malfunction of the blockchain platform underlying the most popular cryptocurrency.

According to Villa, blocks that store data about transactions conducted with bitcoin have limited potential for creation. Currently, the maximum number of blocks that can be created is 5101541. After that, it will be impossible to conduct transactions with bitcoin.

The problem has been known since 2012, says Wulle. It will become critical only in 2106 — when the last possible block is expected to be created.

To fix the problem, it is necessary to conduct a hard fork — splitting into two blockchain platforms with their own digital Protocol for each. To do this, all miners who verify transactions will have to update their software.

Often, such processes cause disputes among network participants, but in this case, they will probably be avoided, since it is about the viability of the cryptocurrency, writes Wulle.

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