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International donors have raised €253 million in aid for Lebanon

International donors have raised €253 million in aid for Lebanon

According to experts, about 99 million euros are needed for medical and food aid and new housing.

An international conference of donors raised 252.7 million euros to help Lebanon, which is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. This was reported by DW, with reference to the entourage of President Emmanuel Macron, who chaired an online conference organized by France and the UN.

The amount of financial assistance provided by Paris will be 30 million euros. In turn, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that Germany's assistance to “overcome the great disaster that is now happening in Beirut” “ will amount to 20 million euros.

“I was impressed by how many countries are willing to help Lebanon,” Maas said during the conference.

US President Donald Trump also promised further support to Beirut but has not yet named the amount.

In addition, the European Union is expected to provide 63 million euros in aid to Lebanon.

According to UN estimates, it is necessary to spend 116.9 million dollars on providing medical and food aid, as well as building new housing for almost 300 thousand residents of Beirut who are left without a roof over their heads.

Earlier it was reported that the international Red Cross plans to provide financial assistance to Lebanon in the amount of 40 million euros in 2020.

It became known that the head of the government of Lebanon and the Ministers may resign.

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