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Blackout in the USA after the fires: the number of de-energized residents may increase to 1.5 million people

State authorities ordered the evacuation of several thousand residents

Photo: REUTERS / Gene Blevins

The number of residents of the US state of California, who have been disconnected from the power supply as a preventive measure, may increase from the current 605 thousand to 1.5 million, Bloomberg Business News Agency reported.

It outlined its own calculations. Currently, Pacific Gas and Electric and two other energy companies in the state are conducting a planned outage for more than 200 thousand consumers. According to the agency, this is equivalent to 605 thousand people. The media believes that this figure may increase to 1.5 million people due to the high fire hazard in northern California.

State authorities ordered the evacuation of several thousand residents of Sonoma County due to a strong natural fire that covered an area of 10 thousand acres (4.047 thousand ha). The fire broke out and began to spread rapidly due to the wind, whose speed reaches about 33.9 m / s.

PG&E has begun a planned power outage for about 179,000 consumers to prevent fires during storms. Prevention affects residents in 17 California counties. Similar measures were taken by two more energy companies.

In early October, PG&E carried out a similar type of prophylaxis, disconnecting about 800 thousand consumers from electricity for several days. Natural fires then killed three people in California and provoked a massive evacuation.

As a result of a natural fire in northern California in November 2018, at least 85 people were killed, according to authorities. Flames destroyed over 14 thousand houses, more than 520 commercial buildings, and more than 4 thousand other buildings. The area of the burned-out territory amounted to more than 620 square meters. km It was found that the disaster was triggered by a malfunction of the Pacific Gas and Electric power lines in the area of Pulga in northern California. The company agreed to pay a fine of $1 billion.

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