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Warsaw police detain 48 people during LGBT action

Warsaw police detain 48 people during LGBT action

Warsaw police on Sunday, August 8, announced the arrest of 48 people the day before during an LGBT action in the Polish capital. Writes about this DW and Reuters.

According to DW, the detainees tried to prevent police from arresting a protester who hung rainbow flags on statues in Warsaw. The detainees are also charged with a disdainful attitude towards the police and damaging the car of law enforcement officers.

According to Reuters, protesters surrounded a police car in downtown Warsaw, shouting “Shame, shame!” Thus, they tried to stop the car in which the detained activist was.

Members of the anti-homophobic group Stop Bzdurom said they hung rainbow flags on statues of Jesus and other monuments in the city last week as part of a fight for the rights of the LGBT community. They called for a protest in Warsaw on 8 August.

As a reminder, Polish President Andrzej Duda, re-elected on July 12 for a second term, called the “LGBT ideology” more destructive than communism as part of his election program.

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margarot this boy that was arestet had destroy 3 cars and atack a person so he will go to proson for 5 yeras and thps 48 people atack police oficers so they can get 12 years :)

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