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The captain of the ship carrying saltpeter called his version of the tragedy in Beirut

The captain of the ship carrying saltpeter called his version of the tragedy in Beirut

After the catastrophic explosion in the port of Beirut, the former captain of the ship Rhosus, which was carrying a cargo of ammonium nitrate that exploded there, gave his version of the cause of the tragedy.

According to Boris Prokoshev, an external influence was necessary for the detonation, since the saltpeter itself could not explode.

“There was some external reason. Maybe a spark, maybe arson, an explosive device. There was some kind of external detonator,” he stressed.

When asked whether the saltpeter could lose its properties in the almost six years that have passed since its confiscation by the Lebanese authorities, the captain noted that it was stored hermetically — air and water did not get inside the package.

“The fact is that the saltpeter was in two bags — a sealed polyethylene one, and it was also placed in another bag — polypropylene, so dense, plastic. Air and water did not enter there. Each bag weighed a ton, there were 2750 bags,” explained Prokoshev ...

We will remind, earlier the Governor of Beirut called the damage from the explosion colossal and said that the consequences of the explosion are estimated at $ 3-5 billion, while the GDP of Lebanon is about $57 billion.

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