The United States will transfer armored vehicles to Syria: the reason became known

US units withdrawn from north-east of Syria in connection with the Turkish operation will be transferred to protect oil fields

Photo: Reuters

The United States intends to deploy additional ground-based mechanized forces to the Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zor to protect oil fields, to prevent them from being used by militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization. This was announced on Friday by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper following a meeting of the heads of NATO military departments.

“Our mission in Syria is maintained for the same purpose with which it was launched — the fight against IS. We will take measures to prevent IS control over oil resources. We will transfer additional mechanized forces to Deir Ez-Zor. I will not comment on further details, our command will take all necessary decisions to ensure the safety of deposits, “said Esper.

He did not rule out the possibility that American units withdrawn from northeast Syria in connection with the Turkish operation would be transferred to protect oil fields.

On Thursday, the Pentagon press service said that the United States is sending additional forces and funds to the north-east of the Arab Republic to protect oil fields from IS fighters and “other parties destabilizing the situation.”

Earlier in the United States, it was stated that after the start of the Turkish attack on the positions of Kurds in northern Syria, more than a hundred Islamic State prisoners escaped from prisons in the region.

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