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In the US, an African American died at the hands of prison guards

In the US, an African American died at the hands of prison guards

The prison guards threw the African American to the ground to handcuff him, did not respond to his screams, and he died.

In the United States, it became known about another incident with an African American, as a result of which a man died at the hands of prison guards. Reported by CNN.

It is noted that the incident itself occurred on December 2, 2019.

While in jail on charges of assaulting a woman, 56-year-old John Elliot Neville fell from his bed to the ground in his sleep, according to the Forsyth County, North Carolina attorney.

The guards found him “disoriented and confused” and decided to take him to the medical unit. However, the man panicked and resisted. A couple of days after the events that took place after that, he died of suffocation.

More than six months after what happened, by court order, video recordings from the watchmen's body cameras were published, which made it clear the real picture.

In the 45-minute video, five people hold Neville to the floor in his cell. He is ordered not to get up, claiming that he has had a seizure. The man himself shouts “Wait, let me get up, let me get up”, calls my mother, and asks for help. As a result, they still handcuff him and take him to the nurse, where the man calms down.

However, he starts up again when he is taken back to his cell, where he is again put on the ground to remove the handcuffs. At the same time, Neville calls for help many times and repeats that he cannot breathe. At some point, he becomes silent and stops moving. He died a few days later.

In the aftermath of the incident, the prosecutor charged five prison staff and a nurse with manslaughter. Now they are all suspended from duty.

Posthumous examination showed that the cause of death was “complications after hypoxic-ischemic brain damage due to cardiac arrest due to positional and compression asphyxia while lying down.”

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