Trump told which countries do not want him to win the election

Trump told which countries do not want him to win the election

US President Donald Trump believes that Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran do not want him to win the upcoming presidential elections in the United States in November.

“I think the last person Russia would like to see as president of the United States is Donald Trump. No one has shown more toughness towards Russia than me,” Trump said. According to him, China and Iran are also counting on his defeat. “The last thing Russia, China, and Iran want is a Donald Trump victory,” the American leader added. “We will monitor all of them,” he stressed.

Thus, the head of the White House commented on the assertions of the director of the US National Center for Counterintelligence and Security, William Evanina, that the Russian Federation is allegedly trying to “denigrate” Trump's most likely rival in the election, Joseph Biden. When a journalist replied that his statements were at variance with the intelligence versions, Trump replied: “I don't care who says what.” Commenting on intelligence claims regarding possible foreign interference in the elections, the US president added: “We will be monitoring this very closely.”

“The biggest risk for us is voting by mail,” Trump said. According to him, with this method of voting, it is much easier for “another state” to “forge ballots.” Trump noted that this can be done by countries “you can't think of it.”

US intelligence agencies have accused Russia of interfering in the US electoral process in 2016.

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