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Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to help rebuild Beirut port

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to help rebuild Beirut port

Mexican billionaire of Lebanese descent Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world, will take part in the reconstruction of the port of Beirut destroyed by the explosion. Amin Seiden Karam, head of the Lebanese Center in the Latin American country, spoke about this in an interview with Noticias MVS radio station on August 7.

According to him, even before the tragedy in Mexico, fundraising began to help the Middle East republic, which is experiencing an economic crisis, and this work is currently continuing.

“We are campaigning to send resources to the Red Cross office in Lebanon, and there are entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to rebuild the port of Beirut,” Karam said. “Carlos Slim will help with the reconstruction.”

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Great to hear Carlos slim is helping to rebuild Lebanon

Usatoday please come and see our country and report on the awful state of Beirut. You can help! You need to help!! Please help!!!

Thank you but no thank you while the corrupt governing mafia is still in power! They will divert the majority of the funds to their accounts and will rob Mr. Slim of his generosity to help the Lebanese... Might as well directly transfer the funds to their personal accounts

Don't send money they will transfer it to their accounts. We need to save the country from the corrupt authorities first. Unless the system changes any investment will be an opportunity for theives in power.

Happy to hear that Carlos Slim is promising to help rebuild Beirut. Hope he comes through as apparently his very stingy at his country of birth

bravo mr. sleem , thank you for your generosity and having a genuine Lebanese love of giving spirit .God bless you.

Coming from a guy who literally made his wealth by taking advantage of shitty economic situations, buying cheap and selling high to then controlling the whole telecoms industry in Mexico???? I dnt think he's being generous, I think he's being opportunistic

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