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U.S. coup d'état: will democrats manage to dump Trump?

Yesterday, a political storm broke out on Capitol Hill: Republican Party deputies stormed a closed meeting of the House of Representatives committees involved in the Trump impeachment process.

A group of Republican House of Representatives with more than 30 members chanting “Let Us In” burst into the “secret room” of Congress, where Laura Cooper, a senior Pentagon official in charge of Ukrainian politics, was to testify. For several hours, the unimaginable thing was happening in the hall, as in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine — the screams and cries of Trump supporters interrupted the host Adami Shif, who was forced to interrupt the meeting and hastily retreat. Angry Republican deputies accused their colleagues of having arranged a “Soviet-style” trial.

In truth, the rebel deputies are not members of the committees involved in the investigation of Trump's actions — intelligence, oversight and reform, and foreign affairs. And do not have the right to attend. Other Republicans are already members of these committees. And they can ask their questions. But the riot that happened speaks about something else: the Republicans have reached the boiling point and intend to simply sabotage the work of the committees. The split in Congress is deepening and the battle is becoming a real war. Republicans are increasingly realizing that Washington has actually formed an alliance of the CIA, the State Department and the Pentagon, which is carrying out a peaceful and creeping coup using procedural rules in order to remove the White House tenant from power.

This covert alliance in the testimony of senior officials of the State Department, the Pentagon, and the CIA becomes visible and takes on the features of a fierce party confrontation between Democrats and Republicans. Another participant in this conspiracy was the current US ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor. After his testimony to the committees, there was a sharp escalation of tension in Congress.

The U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Taylor, actually confirmed that Trump was trying to force Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to begin investigations into tricks of the Biden family and used military assistance for Kyiv, the provision of which was dependent on the Biden investigation. According to him, he learned that Washington suspended the provision of military assistance to Kyiv in July from a representative of the administrative and budgetary administration of the White House. The corresponding instruction was received, allegedly, directly from President Trump. Later, according to Taylor, a representative of the National Security Council told him, citing US ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland, that “financial security assistance will not be received until President Zelensky pledges to ensure an investigation into the Burisma company.” Taylor claims that during the summer months, U.S. diplomats sought for Vladimir Zelensky to make a public statement about the start of an investigation against Joe Biden's son, Hunter, who served on the board of directors of the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma and was allegedly involved in a number of frauds.

Trump did not expect such a blow from his ambassador. A hidden conspiracy against Trump, begun by part of high-ranking CIA officers, found its “moles” in the State Department. And so far, it turned out to be the US ambassador to Kyiv, Bill Taylor. This conspiracy has its own agents in Kyiv. Immediately after Ambassador Taylor’s scandalous statements in the American media, leaks appeared that even on May 7, Presidential Zelensky held a meeting with aides, at which he said he was worried about Trump's pressure on him to begin investigating the actions of his political rival Joe in Ukraine Biden. For three hours Zelensky and his assistants decided what to do in the light of the insistence of Trump and his personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani to start investigations on the Biden.

However, experts admit: Taylor’s harsh statements that the Trump administration undermined the “official foreign policy” of the United States and demanded that Zelensky start an investigation against the Biden family, and Trump allegedly personally ordered the freezing of military assistance to Kyiv, is unlikely to have a serious impact on Trump’s position before the election. US voters are tired of inconclusive investigations into the “ties” between the US president and Russia. For the third year now, the whole life of the political class has been revolving around worthless investigations and hearings, when the country is full of problems that Congress should deal with — such an opinion becomes dominant in the mood of the electorate. But if the impeachment procedure fails, then another provocation against Trump will be launched in the bowels of the “deep state” — expert Ariel Cohen, an expert on political cuisine in the USA, is sure. The war will go to defeat and a truce is not foreseen in it.

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