Greece ready for military action if Turkey sends research vessel again

Greece ready for military action if Turkey sends research vessel again

Greece will defend its sovereign rights by all means, including military, if Turkey sends the research vessel Oruc Reis to the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). This was made clear on Friday evening by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on the Open TV channel. The text of his speech was circulated by the press service of the Greek Foreign Ministry.

When asked if Greece's response would include the use of the military if Ankara sent Oruc Reis to the Greek EEZ, Dendias replied that the country would defend its sovereignty and its sovereign rights by all means. “I think that no one in the European Union, none of our partners and friends, expects something different from the Greek government,” the Foreign Minister said.

Then the journalists asked Dendias to comment on the statement of the Greek Prime Minister's Security Advisor Alexis Diakopoulos, who said in the same news release: “If they (the Turks) enter the Greek continental shelf, we will respond, including by military means.” “You know, I do not distinguish the Greek armed forces from the whole complex of the country's law and order and its government,” Dendias replied. “The Constitution gives the Greek armed forces, like all of us, the duty to protect the sovereignty and sovereign rights of our homeland.”

“We do not threaten anyone, we do not make loud statements, and we do not have such a hysterical reaction, which is typical for other countries in the region. We are simply saying that as a sovereign country we are constitutionally obligated to defend ourselves, and we will do this by whatever means our constitution and our capabilities provide. And we say this to everyone calmly so that it is known from the very beginning so that there is no misunderstanding, ” the Foreign Minister stressed.

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