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The Public Prosecutor's Office of Paraguay did not ask for a real deadline for Ronaldinho

The Public Prosecutor's Office of Paraguay did not ask for a real deadline for Ronaldinho

The Paraguayan prosecutor's office asks the court to appoint ex-Brazilian football player Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto de Assis a suspended sentence for entering the country with forged documents. This was reported on Friday by the local newspaper ABC Color.

According to the newspaper, the prosecution also petitioned the brothers to be fined in the aggregate amount of $200,000 in damages. If the court supports the arguments of the prosecutor's office, both will be able to leave Paraguay and return to their homeland to serve a suspended sentence, during which they will be forced to report to Brazilian law enforcement on a quarterly basis. In the case of the soccer star, it is about one year, while his brother is being asked to set it twice as long.

Ronaldinho and his brother were detained in Asuncion on 4 March after arriving in Paraguay with fake passports. Searches of their hotel rooms revealed fake Paraguayan passports in their names. Then the court left the celebrities in custody in a pre-trial detention center, fearing that they might flee the country. In early April, they were released on bail and have since been under house arrest in a hotel in Asuncion.

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