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Cambodia wants to ban women from wearing revealing clothing

Cambodia wants to ban women from wearing revealing clothing

The government of Cambodia has released a draft public order Ordinance that proposes, among other things, to prohibit women from wearing “too short or revealing clothing” and talking loudly in the street. This is written by The Guardian.

In addition to the mentioned restrictions, the draft resolution proposes to prohibit men from going Topless, and women from being in premises with their heads covered (for example, in a niqab), begging or sleeping on the street, or even fixing a car on the side of the road. Violators face a fine.

In Cambodia, opposed the resolution. In social networks, women post photos and videos in swimsuits, and on the site, registered a petition calling for the decision to be withdrawn. More than 14,000 people have signed up for it.

Critics of the government's actions believe that the new restrictions will most affect the poorest segments of the population (it is a ban on begging), infringe on women's rights, and can also be used by the government to restrict the right of citizens to protest.

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