Unusual means of transportation in recent years

The modern world is changing every minute. In order to surprise someone, the inventors have to try fairly. New stylish cars are, of course, beautiful and refined, but many people are hungry not only for an updated appearance but also for new experiences. That is why there are absolutely incredible and unusual means of transportation. We offer to plunge into the atmosphere of extreme, the latest technological developments, unique comfort, and freedom of movement together with this selection of unusual transport.

1. Deepflight Submarine

Deepflight Submarine is an electric submarine. Its main feature is extremely simple management, which can be handled even without special training. Using a single lever, the depth of the dive is adjusted, and the joystick is used to move in the desired direction.

A trip on a Deepflight Submarine is an amazing opportunity to explore the beautiful and incredibly interesting underwater world. The operating time of the vehicle is up to 8 hours thanks to a powerful battery. In addition, the submarine is provided with an emergency power supply unit that can support all life support systems for 72 hours.

2. Icon A5

This vehicle is made of carbon fiber. The Icon A5 seaplane can land on both land and water. In addition, it is equipped with a huge parachute that can provide a soft emergency landing in case of unforeseen circumstances. Icon A5 is a new class of sports aircraft. It has two passenger seats and lightweight design. The amazing vehicle has a simple control system, which can be mastered to perfection in just 20 hours.

3. Shredder

Shredder is a crawler scooter for adults. The unique vehicle is powered by two tracks. The four-stroke high-power engine makes trips aggressive and stable. The total weight of the Shredder scooter is 73 kg. The maximum speed of the ride is 15 km/h.

Shredder can easily overcome slopes with an elevation of up to 40 degrees, as well as quick turn around its axis. The crawler scooter is intended not only for entertainment trips. It also has practical benefits: it can carry a trailer with a maximum weight of up to 550 kg. The control is quite simple, you can quickly master it, very similar to the one installed on the Segway. The crawler skate has excellent maneuverability and stability: any obstacles and bumps on the road are almost not felt.

4. Flyride

Aquabike Flyride gives you the opportunity to experience the possibility of a hydroplane. Automatic systems are integrated into the control panel of this unusual vehicle, which will allow you to perform incredible somersaults and turns right in the air on your first trip.

The electronic stabilization system allows you to feel confident during the flight at any level of complexity, as well as perform the most complex programmed tricks by pressing just one button on the control panel.
Useful information: to make your stay comfortable for everyone, the innovative aquabike Flyride is equipped with several types of programs: children's, for beginners, advanced level, and pros.

5. Halfbike

This innovative vehicle has an unusual design. In front of the Halfbike there is one large wheel, like a Bicycle, but at the back, there are two small wheels and a special inclined structure in the center of the bridge with a movement mechanism. The bike is controlled by a long handle, which is represented by a full-fledged stand with a steering wheel handle on it. Maneuverability is achieved by tilting the bike and the larger it is, the steeper the angle of rotation. Even two people can ride a Halfbike at the same time.

6. Hydrofoiler XE-1

The Hydrofoiler XE-1 water bike with an aluminum frame and two hydrofoils made of hydrocarbon plastic is a stable and comfortable means of transportation. It works on the principle of a Bicycle, on which you need to pedal while moving over the water. Hydrofoiler XE-1 is powered by a removable battery that lasts for an hour.

The maximum speed to which the vehicle accelerates is 15-20 km/h. The water bike can withstand a weight load of up to 100 kg. The 400-watt motor provides additional ease of control and speed setting. Pedals are responsible for the operation of the screw. Special ballast modules perfectly hold the Hydrofoiler XE-1 even during emergency braking.

7. Scewo Bro

Innovative vehicles are needed not only for entertainment but also for health benefits. Scewo Bro — a new generation of wheelchairs, which provides not only comfortable movement but also a lot of additional functions. For example, a wheelchair can go up and down stairs regardless of its height and angle of inclination. At the same time, the promotion is carried out smoothly and automatically. Scewo Bro is equipped with rubber tracks, which provide it with amazing maneuverability and stability.

In addition, the stroller is quite compact and easy to handle. It copes with sharp turns and small obstacles, can work in five main modes, and even lift a person higher so that he can reach the necessary thing on the shelf, for example.

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