Ottawa will take countermeasures in connection with the introduction of US duties on Canadian aluminum

Ottawa will take countermeasures in connection with the introduction of US duties on Canadian aluminum

The government of Canada considers the decision of the US administration to impose customs duties of 10% on imports of Canadian aluminum to be unjustified and unacceptable and will take countermeasures. This was stated on Thursday in a statement by Deputy Prime Minister Christy Freeland.

“The US announcement on August 6 to impose tariffs on some Canadian aluminum products, citing national security concerns, is unfounded and unacceptable,” the statement said. Canadian aluminum does not undermine the national security of the United States. Canadian aluminum strengthens the national security of the United States and has done so for decades through unprecedented cooperation between our countries.”

Freeland stressed that Ottawa will not leave such actions of Washington without a response, as it did earlier in 2018 when the US also imposed duties on aluminum. “In response to the US tariffs, Canada intends to quickly introduce countermeasures-dollar for dollar,” said the Deputy head of the government of Canada.

Earlier on Thursday, US President Donald Trump said that the US is resuming customs duties of 10% on aluminum imports from Canada due to the fact that Ottawa has not restricted exports of this product to the United States.

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