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Republicans have prepared a resolution condemning the investigation into the impeachment of Trump

Resolution supported by 44 Republican Senators

Photo: AFP

A group of Republican Senate Republicans is introducing a resolution condemning the impeachment investigation against President Donald Trump and calling on the House of Representatives to formally vote on the issue.

“The process in the House of Representatives today, I think, is a danger to the future presidency,” Senator Lindsay Graham, the author of the resolution, told reporters.

Graham called the investigation that the House of Representatives conducts as “secret proceedings” and “fraudulent activity” that “denies due process.”

The resolution, if adopted, asks the House of Representatives “to vote for the opening of an official investigation as part of the impeachment procedure and to provide President Trump with basic constitutional guarantees.”

According to the document, lawmakers must conduct an official vote to initiate an investigation into the impeachment process and provide Trump with “due process,” including “the ability to confront his accusers,” and the Republicans the opportunity to issue their own summons.

The resolution is supported by 44 Republican Senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

We previously reported that Republican congressmen thwarted a speech by a senior Pentagon official who was supposed to testify in the House of Representatives in the case of the impeachment case of Donald Trump. Republicans burst into the hearing room.

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