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UK re-imposes quarantine for arrivals from Belgium, Andorra, and the Bahamas

UK re-imposes quarantine for arrivals from Belgium, Andorra, and the Bahamas

The UK authorities are again making it mandatory to observe a two-week quarantine for people arriving in the country from Belgium, Andorra, and the Bahamas. This was announced on Thursday on his Twitter page, the country's transport Minister Grant Shapps.

“The available data shows that in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus, we must exclude Andorra, Belgium, and the Bahamas from our list of countries with which transport corridors have been opened. If you arrive in the United Kingdom from these countries after 04: 00 on Saturday, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days,“ the Minister said in a statement.

At the same time, Shapps also said that from August 11, compliance with the quarantine will no longer be mandatory for those arriving in the UK from Brunei and Malaysia. According to the British media, in the near future, the “transport corridor” that cancels compliance with the quarantine should be opened with Portugal.

The United Kingdom is one of the few countries in Europe that did not close its borders during the new coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, from June 8, people arriving in the UK from abroad are required to comply with the self-isolation regime for 14 days. Since July 10, this requirement has ceased to apply to people arriving in the Kingdom from more than 50 countries, including almost all EU countries. On July 26, Spain was removed from the list, and on July 31, Luxembourg was removed.

No exceptions have yet been made for countries such as Russia, Iran, China, and the United States — the British authorities order two weeks of quarantine on arrival from these countries under threat of a fine. At the same time, as the Financial Times reported on Thursday, British diplomats, business representatives, and trade agencies are actively seeking to open “transport corridors” between the UK and the individual US States, where the epidemiological situation has not worsened in recent weeks.

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