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Trump ordered to buy some medicines only from US manufacturers

Trump ordered to buy some medicines only from US manufacturers

US President Donald Trump signed a decree that obliges government departments to purchase certain types of medicines exclusively from American manufacturers.

“I recently signed a new Executive order aimed at ensuring that we buy American when it comes to basic medicines. The Executive order will require US government agencies to purchase all the basic medicines we need from American suppliers,“ the white house chief said on Thursday, speaking at the Whirlpool plant in Ohio. The event was broadcast by American news channels.

According to the American President, the decree also removes “unnecessary legal barriers” for local producers. According to Trump, this measure, among other things, will help prevent drug prices from rising, as well as “ allow American companies to compete on a global level.”

“As we realized during this pandemic, the US must produce basic equipment and medicines for itself. We can't rely on China and other countries in the world. They may one day refuse US products when we need them. We can't do this,“ the US President said.

As previously reported by USA Today, the decree in question obliges the US government to develop a list of basic and essential medicines and buy them, as well as other medical supplies, only from American manufacturers.

About 72% of the pharmaceutical products sold in the United States are manufactured in other countries, including China. The White House strongly opposes this state of Affairs and considers it necessary to produce certain categories of drugs in the United States, so that in the event of an emergency, as in the case of a pandemic, they do not become dependent on other countries.

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