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The Pentagon did not confirm plans to reduce the US contingent in Afghanistan

The Pentagon did not confirm plans to reduce the US contingent in Afghanistan

The US Department of Defense hopes that the peace talks in Afghanistan will be completed, as well as the conditions that will allow the withdrawal of NATO troops stationed in the Islamic Republic in accordance with the instructions of the White House will be met. This was announced on Thursday at a briefing for journalists by Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

He did not confirm the words of President Donald Trump about the withdrawal of several thousand American troops from Afghanistan by the General election, which will be held in the United States on November 3. “I am not going to discuss the decrees and orders that were given [earlier],” he said when asked to comment on the commander-in-chief's words. Hoffman stressed that the reduction of troops will be announced: “in due course”. “I can't say anything about the timing [of the withdrawal],” the defense official added. According to him, the Pentagon is “optimistic that [the current situation in Afghanistan] can lead to an inter-Afghan dialogue that promotes the peace process,” which in turn will create conditions for the withdrawal of troops.

Earlier, the head of the White House said that the United States intends to soon reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan to 4 thousand people. He stressed that in Afghanistan on the day of elections in the United States, there may be from 4 thousand to 5 thousand American troops.

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