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Twitter introduces new designations for government and state media accounts

Twitter introduces new designations for government and state media accounts

Twitter is introducing new designations for government and state media accounts. The corresponding statement is given in the press release of the social network distributed on Thursday.

According to the statement, new icons depicting a miniature podium and microphone will be added to two account categories. First, they are government officials, including foreign ministries, government agencies, ambassadors and other key diplomats, and press secretaries. Second, state media, their chief editors, and other high-ranking employees will receive similar designations.

The image will be located under the account name, next to it will be the inscription “Government account” or “State publication”, and separated by a comma — the country to which the page belongs to the government. It is noted that labels will only be added to organizations from the five countries that are permanent members of the UN Security Council (Great Britain, China, Russia, the United States, France). “We will start with a limited and clearly defined range of countries before extending [this practice] to a wider range of States in the future,” Twitter pointed out.

The management of the social network also stated that government-funded media outlets with an independent editorial policy will not be marked.

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