Consequences of the explosion in Beirut: medics warned of a new danger

Due to the fact that hospitals are overflowing with injured people after a powerful explosion in Beirut, Lebanon may face an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus.

This was announced on Thursday, August 6, by Firas Abiad, Director of the hospital at Rafiq Hariri University, quoted by the American television company CBS.

“There is no doubt that the collective immunity [to the coronavirus] in Lebanon will weaken compared to the situation that was before the explosion. This will have medium-and long-term consequences for our country. Hospitals across Lebanon are in need of assistance,” said Abiad. According to him, in the next one and a half to two weeks, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection may grow in the country.

According to the latest data, since February, more than 5,400 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Lebanon, and 68 people have died.

Recall that the Lebanese health Minister Hamad Hassan complained about the lack of medical supplies in Beirut and the fact that the explosion severely damaged warehouses of the Ministry of health. This exacerbates the health crisis due to coronavirus. The Minister described the incident as” a disaster in the full sense of the word”.

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