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A powerful earthquake has occurred in Turkey

In the Eastern Turkish province of Malatya, an earthquake occurred, the strength of which reached 5.7 points on the Richter scale.

This is reported by the data of the research Institute of the Bosphorus University in Istanbul.

The earthquake occurred in the province of Malatya, near the village of Kermie, in the district of Purge. The epicenter was located at a depth of 5 km. The first tremor occurred at 12: 37 local time.

Later, the tremors were repeated but had less force. In total, four more tremors were recorded, with a force of up to 2.1 points on the Richter scale.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there are no human victims. Local authorities reported the destruction of residential buildings and other buildings, mostly old. Rescuers from the Turkish government's office for emergency prevention and response (AFAD) and local gendarmerie units are working in the area.

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