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Trump impeachment investigation: it became known when the materials will be published

The impeachment procedure was initiated on September 24

Photo: AFP

Democrats of the US House of Representatives may release the materials of the investigation as part of the impeachment of President Donald Trump in mid-November. It is reported by the Washington Post.

We previously reported that Republican congressmen thwarted a speech by a senior Pentagon official who was supposed to testify in the House of Representatives in the case of the impeachment case of Donald Trump. Republicans burst into the hearing room.

As you know, in September, the United States and Ukraine came to the center of media attention after an unnamed U.S. intelligence official accused Trump of putting pressure on his Ukrainian counterpart, Vladimir Zelensky, to resume an investigation into Biden’s son in exchange for providing financial and military assistance to Kyiv.

Against this background, the House of Representatives announced the launch of the impeachment proceedings against Trump. Democrat Biden is now Trump's most likely rival in the upcoming US elections next year.

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