Why the US should not apply sanctions against Germany

Why the US should not apply sanctions against Germany

One of the most ardent supporters of the idea to buy natural gas in Russia and a supporter of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Peter Altmaier, is preparing for negotiations with the United States.

The German energy Minister does not like to throw public money to the wind and therefore prepares a serious argument for why Washington should not impose sanctions against Berlin.

According to Altmaier, defending its own benefit (and gas supplied via the “pipe” from Russia will cost the Germans 35-40% cheaper than American LNG delivered by tankers), Germany has not forgotten about the interests of transit countries.

According to German guarantees, part of the “blue fuel from the Russian Federation” will be supplied to Europeans through Ukraine and the Baltic States, which will provide them with a partial replenishment of the state budget with money for transit.

In addition, the States themselves have not been harmed in their interests — the Germans are already building gas-filling terminals where the US can sell its LNG to Europeans. So the White House simply has no reason to threaten sanctions, and even more so to impose them against Germany, insists the German Minister.

Thus, the German government does not intend to enter into a confrontation with anyone and is ready to hold any more negotiations, Peter Altmaier emphasizes.

Prudent Germans, however, are not ready to give up their own benefits when the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is already 94% complete. Especially when the last obstacles have been removed (Denmark has finally agreed to lay pipes on the bottom of its territory in the Baltic sea).

It remains now to find out what the US thinks about this policy proposed in Berlin.

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