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Montenegro allowed entry to tourists from Russia

Despite the fact that a new coronavirus epidemic has been declared in Montenegro, the national coordinating body for infectious diseases, chaired by President Milutin Simovic, has updated the list of countries whose residents can enter Montenegro.

Now tourists from Russia and Azerbaijan will be allowed to enter this Balkan country without additional conditions, the website Of radio, and television of Montenegro reports.

The operational headquarters for tourism Economics suggested that Russia and Azerbaijan should be included in the “green” list of countries whose residents can enter Montenegro without other conditions.

The decision of Podgorica to place Russia immediately in the “green” zone angered the Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro Mikhail Shmatov.

“I would like to remind you that Ukraine, which has been providing Montenegro with the largest number of tourists since the beginning of the summer, now has 13-14 flights a week, is in a restricted situation. Despite our constant work, Ukrainian citizens are still forbidden to travel by car, and if you read the rules carefully, even prohibited independent travel by plane, only as part of a tourist group. And for Russia-entry without additional conditions. This is despite the fact that in Russia the incidence index is 127.2, and in Ukraine-72.8,“ the diplomat recalled on his Facebook page.

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