Six times more cases: COVID-19 statistics announced in Italy

In Italy, which is considered one of the most affected countries in the world from the coronavirus and where the number of deaths from COVID-19 exceeded 31 thousand people, in fact, many more people could have been infected than the authorities claim.

This is reported by La Repubblica, referring to the results of a study by the Italian Institute of statistics Istat and the Ministry of health.

After analyzing the blood of 64,660 inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula, scientists found that 2.5% of them had antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is the causative agent of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease. Thus, about 1.482 million Italians could have been ill throughout the country — this is almost six times more than the official statistics.

According to Istat Director Linda Sabbadini, this indicator differs in different regions, and the anti-record was set by Lombardy, 7.5% of the population of which has antibodies to the coronavirus. At the same time, in the southern regions, this figure does not exceed 1%.

It is also noted that 27.3% of the study participants who were found to have antibodies, the disease was asymptomatic.

Recall that because of the coronavirus in Italy, plan to legalize 600 thousand migrant workers engaged in agriculture, construction, as well as caring for the sick and the elderly.

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