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State Department: UN recognition of Maduro violates fundamental principles of the organization

State Department: UN recognition of Maduro violates fundamental principles of the organization

The recognition by the United Nations (UN) of Nicolas Maduro as the President of Venezuela violates the fundamental principles of this organization. This opinion was expressed on Monday by Deputy Assistant Secretary of state Carrie Filipetti.

“The second is the principle of sovereignty, ensuring the right to self-determination. This is very important because people use the term “sovereignty” incorrectly when talking about Venezuela. It is very important to understand that sovereignty and [the right to] self-determination in a democratic state are subject to the approval of the people.<...> Due to the fact that Nicolas Maduro and his corrupt allies prevented the holding of free and fair elections in May 2018, [in accordance with] the Constitution of Venezuela and the will of the people of Venezuela, Juan Guaido was appointed interim President of Venezuela, authorized to organize new presidential elections. This is a key principle of democracy, but the UN has not recognized the sovereign will of the people of Venezuela, “ she said during a video conference organized by the Washington Center for strategic and international studies.

“The continued recognition of Maduro by the UN is not only a violation of the fundamental principles of the UN, but also reinforces other significant problems that undermine the additional three principles, including the unhindered flow of humanitarian aid and the promotion of human rights,” Filipetti added.

At the same time, she stated the importance of a political settlement in Venezuela as soon as possible. “The more time passes, the fewer options are left at the end, except for some military solution. Not because the United States is promoting this, but because at the end<...>, as history shows, either people inside Venezuela will lose patience and rebel, or the military will rebel, and so on,” she said, stressing that Washington is seeking “a political settlement as the safest and most likely option” for the development of events.

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