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10 unusual types of coffee

Coffee is perhaps one of the most popular foods in the world. It is difficult to imagine a person who at least once in his life has not tried this or that type of this tonic drink. Some people like bitter coffee, others prefer sweet coffee with all kinds of additives. Even if you are indifferent to a drink made from coffee beans, some of its varieties are worth trying for fun. Who knows, maybe one of the recipes will be to your taste and will forever enter your daily life.

1. Avolatte

A bold experiment by one of the baristas at the Truman Cafe in Melbourne led to the traditional coffee with milk (or the more familiar latte) being served in an avocado peel. The drink has a pronounced avocado aftertaste, which was not to the taste of all coffee lovers.

2. Clear coffee

The love of strong coffee can negatively affect the teeth in the form of brown plaque. Slovaks brothers David and Adam Nagy decided to save connoisseurs of coffee drinks from the side effect. Their product was named CLR CFF.

According to the brothers-inventors, the transparent drink is made only from natural products: high-quality Arabica coffee beans and water. There are no preservatives or other artificial additives in it. David and Adam spent 3 months on development. Naturally, they do not intend to disclose the secret of the family recipe.

3. Coal coffee

Activated carbon has found wide application not only in medicine but also in food products. In coffee, it has become a substitute for caffeine. By mixing charcoal with milk, you will get a tonic drink with white foam and a lot of useful properties.

4. Coffee with hot charcoal

On the island of Java in Yogyakarta, a unique hot charcoal coffee drink is served. It was invented in the 60s of the last century by the owner of a small coffee stall, known in the district as "Mr. Man". The drink was named "Kopi Joss".

Now the kiosk is owned by a man named Alex, who said that "Mr. Man" with the help of hot coal decided to suddenly boil water, and at the same time make coffee.

5. The World's Strongest Iced Coffee "Asskicker"

Some people need a hefty dose of caffeine to wake up or get energized. In Australia, in the Viscous Cafe coffee shop, they prepare a drink that is not able to wake up only the dead: caffeine is in it as in 80 standard servings, that is, 5 grams. According to medical research, if a person is healthy, he has nothing to fear - a destructive dose is 18 grams.

6. Cooked with wine

The Molinari Private Reserve, California, offers visitors a coffee drink made from beans roasted in red wine. The coffee has a winey flavor with a bit of blueberry.

7. Black insomnia coffee or "Black insomnia"

The author of the drink is Sean Christopher, who in 2016 worked on the recipe for the strongest coffee on the planet. A 702 mg serving of caffeine can be detrimental to your health, as the average recommended dose is 400 mg. A little later, the explosive coffee mixture left Cape Town and slowly dispersed around the world, becoming more and more popular. Now "Black Insomnia" is sold in 22 countries.

8. Meringue coffee

This espresso is served at the Take Out Drawing Cafe in the capital of South Korea. The merengue that decorates the drink does not dissolve in it, so connoisseurs can use it piece by piece by dipping it in coffee. Its unique taste and uniqueness made it a real hit among tourists.

9. Deconstructed flat white

Another recipe from Melbourne. It is served on a wooden board, but this is not the point: the drink is three separate glasses, in which hot water, milk, and espresso itself are poured.

10. Espresso tonic

The recipe was created in Scandinavia and involves the dilution of regular espresso with tonic in certain proportions.

Can you imagine decaf coffee? In 2015, a restaurant opened in New York, the product of which was skeptical of coffee lovers around the world. The coffee shop offers decaffeinated coffee, and it's free. According to true connoisseurs of coffee drinks, this is the first step towards the "cultural Apocalypse".

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