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Pompeo accused China of spreading a model of authoritarian rule

US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo on Monday accused China of trying to spread the model of authoritarian rule in the world.

“The Chinese Communist Party is trying to apply Hong Kong's national security law to people around the world — a blatant attempt to undermine the principles of human rights and fundamental freedoms,” Pompeo tweeted.

“Beijing cannot be allowed to export its model of authoritarian rule,” he added.

In the US, the law “on the autonomy of Hong Kong” has been adopted, providing for sanctions against Chinese officials who have restricted the freedoms of Hong Kong. US President Donald Trump said that in addition to the law, a decree was signed canceling Washington's privileged attitude to Hong Kong. In particular, this leads to the end of trade preferences and to the end of the transfer of American technologies there.

The Hong Kong national security law was adopted in Beijing by the Standing Committee of the national people's Congress and entered into force on June 30. It provides for various prison terms for calls and actions aimed at proclaiming Hong Kong's independence.

This law has drawn sharp criticism in the United States and in the West, where Beijing has been accused of violating democratic principles and reducing the level of autonomy of the special administrative region of China.

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