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The EU called on the Hong Kong authorities to reconsider the decision to postpone the election year

The EU called on the Hong Kong authorities to reconsider the decision to postpone the election year

The European Union calls on the Hong Kong authorities to reconsider the decision to postpone the election to the Legislative Council for a year. This is stated in a statement by the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy Josep Borrel, distributed on Monday in Brussels.

According to the head of EU diplomacy, “ the protection of civil and political rights in Hong Kong is a fundamental part of the principle of “one country, two systems”, which supports the community.” “The EU calls on the Hong Kong authorities to reconsider their decisions,” he concluded.

As previously announced by the Chief Executive of this special administrative region of China Carrie Lam, the elections to the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, scheduled for September 6, will be postponed for one year due to the sharp deterioration of the epidemiological situation. The announcement of the postponement of the will was made at the end of the registration process of candidates, which lasted from 18 to 31 July. The legislative Council of Hong Kong is a 70-seat unicameral Parliament. Half of the deputies are elected by direct vote in territorial districts, while the other half are nominated by industry communities based on professional grounds.

Representatives of opposition parties oppose the idea of postponing the vote, believing that this will reduce their chances. They expected to occupy half of the seats in order to be able to control the Parliament and block the adoption of certain Pro-Beijing laws. On Thursday, the election Commission denied registration to 12 candidates with “unpatriotic views,” including radical youth activist Joshua Wong, one of the leaders of the Hong Kong protest movement.

In recent days, the epidemiological situation in the special administrative region of the people's Republic of China has significantly deteriorated, and more than a hundred cases of coronavirus infection are detected there every day.

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