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In France, July was the driest month in the last 60 years

In France, July was the driest month in the last 60 years

The drought in France continued to intensify in August. In the country, 68 departments have imposed restrictions on water use.

July in France was the driest since 1959, with 15 millimeters of rain falling during the month. This is reported by THE BFMTVchannel on Monday, August 3.

In August, the drought in France continues to increase. Although the month has just begun, the Ministry of environmental transition's Propluvia website reports that 68 departments have imposed restrictions on water use so far, five of them have been put on alert.

It is noted that the situation is unlikely to improve in August, which is predicted to be drier than usual, while another episode of significant heat is expected in the coming days.

In July 1959, 16 mm of precipitation was recorded at the national level. The previous record that came close to this indicator was set in July 1964 - 25 millimeters.

“This is the driest month of July since 1959. And this is the third driest month since we've measured weather data since 1879. We are at a historical stage, the problem is that in 2019 there was already a historical drought, in 2018 too, in 2017 too, “ says hydrologist and climate consultant Emma Haziza.

Earlier, the UN said that in the next five years, the temperature on the planet will rise by 1.5. The 1.5 marks were previously set as a ceiling value to prevent catastrophic climate change.

It was also reported that the Earth will “return” three million years in the past. The climate of the planet will return to those indicators that were observed during the Pliocene period from 5.3 to 2.8 million years ago.

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