In Egypt, a bus fell into a canal: many dead

In Egypt, a bus fell into a canal: many dead

In Egypt, in the area of El-Maryut near the pyramids of Giza, a minibus with passengers fell into an irrigation canal. Eight people were killed. Rescuers managed to rescue 7 people from the water alive.

This is reported by the portal Al Youm As Sabi.

It is noted that the driver probably lost control, the car rolled over and fell into the canal. The accident occurred at about eight o'clock in the evening South of Cairo.

Earlier in Egypt, near the city of Alexandria, at least 10 people were killed trying to save a drowning child. According to the source, the incident occurred on one of the beaches where a large company came to rest. When the child began to sink in the sea, adults rushed to help him. However, as a result, 11 people were killed, including a child.

In addition, an explosion occurred near a cancer center in Cairo. At least 19 people were killed and at least 30 were injured. According to the Egyptian Ministry of health, the explosion occurred as a result of an accident involving several cars. It is reported that a large fire occurred after the collision. According to some media reports, the cause of the tragedy could be a ruptured oxygen cylinder.

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