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Trump lifted sanctions from Turkey

The US ready to return sanctions if they “don’t like something”

Recep Erdogan and Donald Trump / Photo: Flickr

This was announced on October 23 by US President Donald Trump, calling on other countries to help Ankara strengthen control over its border with Syria.

“I ordered Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin to abolish all the sanctions imposed on October 14,” he said, speaking in the White House...

At the same time, Washington is ready to restore sanctions if Ankara’s actions against Syria are unsatisfactory.

“The sanctions will be lifted until something happens that we don’t like,” Trump added.

He clarified that the United States could significantly increase customs duties on Turkish imports.

Recall that, in addition to the United States, other countries also went to restrictive measures. For example, the European Union, Canada, has imposed an arms embargo on Turkey due to a military campaign in Syria.

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