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“Moscow is clutching a rifle in its hands”: foreign media talked about US weakness amid new opportunities for the Russian Federation

The Chinese edition of Baijiahao published material on the consequences of the United States' attempts to destroy the existing world order. Experts believe that as a result of such a policy, Russia will “rise again.”

As soon as the United States begins to arbitrarily destroy the existing world order, Russia's position will be significantly strengthened, writes Baijiahao. Analysts are convinced that now the Earth is experiencing the effects of global warming, as a result of which Siberia is “waking up,” which, in turn, provides Moscow with new opportunities in the extraction of natural resources. In addition, the Arctic Ocean is thawing, and soon the Russian Federation will open new trade routes through the North Pole.

Despite the destructive actions of Washington, Russia continues to undergo changes that affect the whole world. If we compare the defense spending of both countries, it might seem that Moscow has “not enough strength”, but this does not mean that it is not able to maintain a “dynamic equilibrium.” Paying attention to current realities in the international arena, it can be argued that Russian-American “political games” depend on the position taken by the Kremlin.

“Today, the power of the United States extends to all its allies and far exceeds the combined forces of Russia and China, so America is able to confront the two countries at once alone. And yet, the States are gradually weakening, and the rest of the world is doing everything for their own development, ” experts say.

Baijiahao notes that “thoughts about the future” compel Russia to “clutch its rifle and remain vigilant,” because it is strictly forbidden to “fall” without waiting for another breakthrough in economics and politics. Moscow needs to remain strong, maintaining leadership in the oil and gas sector, resource extraction, the military industry, agriculture, and the space industry. Only in this case, under the strict guidance of President Vladimir Putin, will she be able to achieve complete independence in the global arena and “change the world in a few decades”...

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