Protests against Prime Minister Netanyahu continue in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu called the thousands of protests against him " coronavirus incubators." Police dispersed the protesters, saying they used "commensurate force," according to DW.

In Israel, protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have not subsided. In Jerusalem, on the evening of Saturday, August 1, another demonstration took place at the residence of Netanyahu, which was attended by about 10 thousand people. For several weeks, protesters have been gathering every Saturday at the official residence of the head of government and demanding his resignation.

The protest continued until Sunday morning, when police dispersed the protesters, arresting 12 people. Law enforcement officers used "commensurate force", a police spokesman said. Meanwhile, one of the protesters noted that the police acted "excessively aggressively".

Netanyahu himself called the "left-wing" demonstrations against him "coronavirus incubators" on August 2. The Prime Minister assured that the government is not trying to suppress the protests. "No one restricts demonstrations, "Netanyahu said, adding that protesters are even allowed to"paralyze neighborhoods and block intersections." According to him, many demonstrators did not have protective masks and did not keep their distance.

Netanyahu said that he did not intend to comment on the protests, but did so only after defense Minister Benny Gantz (Netanyahu's former election rival, with whom the current Prime Minister formed an "emergency" unity government) called the right to protest vital for democracy.

Demonstrators are dissatisfied, in their opinion, with Netanyahu's chaotic policy in the fight against the spread of COVID-19-restaurants, beaches and gyms were first closed, then opened, and then closed again due to a net increase in the number of infections. The unemployment rate in the country exceeds 20 percent.

Netanyahu is also accused of corruption. In may, court hearings began in the case of the Israeli Prime Minister, who is charged with bribery and fraud. Because of this, many Israelis are calling for his resignation. Netanyahu denies all the charges.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 72,200 coronavirus infections, 527 deaths, and more than 45,600 recoveries have been officially confirmed in Israel with a population of 9 million.

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