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The bitcoin exchange rate rose to $99,999. But only for a second...

The bitcoin exchange rate rose to $99,999. But only for a second...

Today, on August 2, an abnormal transaction occurred on the derivative platform Finance Futures. The rate of the quarterly bitcoin futures with an execution date in September momentarily rose by almost 800%, to $99,964.

Probably, the reason for this was an error by a large investor and/or buying many contracts with a single order. Usually, the hourly trading volume in this pair ranges from $ 150 thousand to $250 thousand. But at the time of the jump in futures prices, this figure rose to $1.35 million.

Another strange transaction occurred on the Binance exchange. At first, the Algorithand token in a pair with the USD stable coin fell from $0.33 to $0.26 amid the decline of the entire market. But immediately after that, the price of the cryptocurrency briefly increased by 65%, to $0.43. The asset is currently trading at $0.31.

The deviation of the exchange rate of both assets from the market value occurred against the background of fluctuations in the price of bitcoin. Over the past 24 hours, it has gradually risen from $11,200 to $12,100. But immediately after that, it fell to $10,500 in a few minutes. At the moment, BTC quotes have stabilized at the level of $11,300.

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