WHO said the «protracted nature» of the pandemic

WHO said the «protracted nature» of the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a public health emergency of international significance. This is stated in the statement of the emergency committee of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The meeting of the Committee was held on July 31, following which participants noted the ”expected protracted nature“ of the pandemic and stressed the importance of measures to combat the virus at the national, regional, and global levels, the statement said.

The Committee also made recommendations WHO. These include supporting countries in countering the spread of the disease, helping to accelerate research and expand access to medicines and vaccines as they become available.

The Committee recommended that countries support scientific research, including financially, monitor the world's sanitary and epidemiological situation, and provide basic health services to the population, providing the relevant services with“ the necessary financial, material and human resources”.

WHO recognized the coronavirus as an international emergency at the end of January. On March 11, the head of the organization, Tedros Gebreisus, said that the situation with COVID-19 “can be characterized as a pandemic”. This is the fourth meeting of the WHO Emergency Committee. The next one, the organization said, will be called in three months or earlier.

At the end of July, Gebreisus said that in the past six weeks, the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in the world has doubled, and the pandemic continues to gain momentum. On August 1, the organization recorded another record for the number of cases of COVID-19 per day — the infection was detected in 292 thousand people. In total, according to the organization, the number of confirmed cases of the disease reached 17.3 million, the number of victims was 668 thousand.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 17.6 million people were infected worldwide, and 680,000 people died.

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