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COVID-19: mass protests in Berlin over quarantine restrictions

The police are watching over the procedure with helicopters. So far, the situation is calm, but there has already been one skirmish.

A large-scale action against restrictive measures in connection with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is taking place in Berlin. The March started on Unter den Linden Boulevard and moved through the Central streets of the city at noon local time.

According to the police, about 11 thousand people participated in the action.

“As the meeting on Unter den Linden turned out to be quite crowded, our colleagues strongly point to the need to maintain the necessary distance,” the Metropolitan police press service wrote on Twitter.

COVID-19: mass protests in Berlin over quarantine restrictions

According to her data, which is confirmed by the footage from the scene, virtually none of the participants were masked. Some participants brought flags with symbols of various Federal States.

The event is held under the slogan: “freedom Day-the end of the pandemic”. The protesters reached the Street on June 17, where a mass demonstration began.

As reported by the local newspaper Berliner Morgenpost, one of the organizers of the action was the initiative Querdenken 711 from Stuttgart, claiming to be engaged in the protection of fundamental freedoms. According to the publication, it includes mainly supporters of conspiracy theories, right-wing extremists, and deniers of the existence of a new coronavirus. According to the Berlin Senator for internal Affairs Andreas Geisel, a number of participants were going to be taken to Berlin on buses from Baden-Wurttemberg. At the Federal level, various neo-Nazi groups also called for joining the action.

The police are watching over the procedure with helicopters. So far, the situation is quite calm. Berliner Morgenpost reports only one skirmish. According to eyewitnesses, during the action, a masked man dressed in black attacked one of the participants. In addition, one of the groups gathered tried to get into the underground Parking lot of the hotel.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, since the beginning of the pandemic in Berlin, 9274 infected people have been identified, and 223 have died.

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