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Trump earned more than $400 million last year

Trump earned more than $400 million last year

In the US, published data on the income of President Donald Trump for 2019. The document stretches to 78 pages.

The office of ethics under the US government has published a financial document that lists all of President Donald Trump's income for 2019. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, August 1.

It is noted that the list of sources of income of Trump was placed on 78 pages of the document.

So, last year, the American leader, among other things, earned $21.4 million thanks to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The hotel in Washington also made a profit of $40.5 million.

In addition, The Trump National Doral Miami resort brought Trump $77.2 million, and the Golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey-$17.7 million.

In total, according to the newspaper's calculations, the head of the White house earned at least $446 million for the year.

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