The launch of the Ariane 5 with three vehicles on Board was postponed

The launch of the Ariane 5 with three vehicles on Board was postponed

The launch of the European Ariane 5 heavy-class launch vehicle with two satellites and a spacecraft to extend the missions was delayed due to technical problems during the final stage of flight preparation. This was announced on Twitter on Saturday by Arianespace.

"Arianespace decided to postpone flight # VA253 due to the" red " status during the final stage of preparation for launch. New start date is planned, " the report says.

The rocket will put into orbit the BSAT-4b satellite, launched for the Japanese Telecom operator B-SAT, and the Galaxy 30 satellite for the international operator Intelsat. They will be used for direct high-quality radio and television broadcasting. MEV-2 (Mission Extension Vehicle - 2) also went into space. It is owned by the American Corporation Northrop Grumman and is designed to extend the life of satellites in geostationary orbit.

Initially, Arianespace planned this space mission for July 28, but a few days before the planned date, it was decided to postpone the launch due to"the need to conduct additional technical checks".

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