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Poland and the U.S. have agreed to deploy a permanent military contingent

Poland and the U.S. have agreed to deploy a permanent military contingent

Poland and the United States have reached a political agreement on the deployment of a permanent US military contingent in Poland and the introduction of about 1,000 more troops into the country.

This is stated in the official communique of the Ministry of defense of Poland.

“We have achieved success. We have completed negotiations on an agreement in the field of defense cooperation, “ the Polish Defense Minister said.

The report notes that the agreement provides for further deepening of military cooperation between the countries and increasing the US military presence in Poland.

“In continuation of the two agreements signed by presidents Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump, it was decided to change the principle of deployment of American troops from a rotational basis to a permanent one. The number of US military personnel stationed in Poland will increase by approximately 1,000 to at least 5,500, “ the communique details.

After the preparatory work is completed, the agreement will be signed.

The communique recalls that on June 29, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced the creation of the forward command of the US 5th army corps in Poland in the near future.

“Together with the increased military presence of NATO on the Eastern flank of the Alliance, this will strengthen the deterrence effect and the security of all allies, in particular our region,” the Polish defense Ministry adds.

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