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Police allow protesters to procession through the streets of Jerusalem

Police allow protesters to procession through the streets of Jerusalem

Protest against corruption at Netanyahu's residence

Residents of the Rehavia district filed a lawsuit against the demonstration, but it was rejected.

In the evening on Saturday in Jerusalem again “hot day” — the police coordinated the March of protesters from the residence of the Prime Minister by the streets of the city.

The column will pass from Paris square by king George and Hillel streets, after which it will return to Paris square again. A lawsuit was filed against the demonstration in the Supreme court, but it was rejected. The petition was submitted by residents of the Rehavia district, who are hindered by constant protests.

The police are preparing to move large forces into the streets of the city, both in uniform and undercover. After yesterday's incident, when fans from the club “La Familia" attacked a TV crew and police, law enforcement agencies are afraid that they will attack the demonstrators.

Recall that a large anti-government protest took place on Thursday evening, July 30 in front of the residence of the head of government in the center of Jerusalem.

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