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The wave of frustration: Italians demand an exit from the EU

In Italy, the expediency of the country's membership in the European Union is increasingly discussed due to the frustration of Italians in the policy of Brussels against the background of the coronavirus pandemic. And despite Rome's considerable success in negotiations with the EU on financial support, the situation is compounded by dissatisfaction with the actions of its own government. Adding fuel to the fire is the appearance of a party called “Italexit”, whose main goal is the exit of Italy from the European Union.

Italy — one of the founding countries of the European Union is facing an increase in Euroscepticism among the population of the Republic. The topic of Rome's possible secession is not new, but it has become particularly relevant in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a July survey by Redfield&Wilton Strategies, almost 50% of Italians are ready to support a referendum on leaving the EU, while only 43% of respondents consider this decision unjustified. At the same time, in a study two years ago, the number of supporters of Italy's departure from the Union was 30%.

The frustration of Italians in the institutions of the European Union is understandable since the epidemic has exposed the key problem of unification — the lack of a unified health system, and consequently, a mechanism for providing emergency assistance to a country in a pandemic.

As a result, when the Italians faced a shortage of medicines and artificial ventilation devices and appealed to Brussels for help, they received only silence in response. Neighboring countries, instead of supporting them, began hastily closing their borders from the “stricken state”, and European politicians openly referred to the coronavirus as the” Italian problem”.

Subsequently, the negative was added to the long-running European disputes on support for the most affected countries, which took place in a tense atmosphere due to the reluctance of the Netherlands and a number of other States to provide free assistance to southern Europe, especially Italy.

The conclusion of the deal on the Fund to support the economy of European countries in mid-July did not affect the situation too much, although it can generally be called a serious victory for the Italian side. Companies in the Republic will be able to count on more than 200 billion euros, but most of them will still be credit.

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