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Republicans want to protect the US from spies: what they offer?

Republicans want to protect the US from spies: what they offer?

Republican senators are introducing a bill that would allow the US State Department to deny visas to individuals who commit acts of espionage and intellectual property theft against America.

This is stated in a statement by one of the authors of the bill, Senator Marco Rubio.

“The US must take all measures to ensure the security of our nation. I am proud to join this bicameral effort to update our immigration laws to ban those who engage in foreign espionage, including the theft of our intellectual property, and their families from entering our country,” he said.

The Senator clarified that according to current legislation, persons accused of espionage by the United States and expelled from the country have the opportunity to immediately apply for a visa.

The proposed law of the senators “to protect America from spies” will make this impossible.

“The' protecting America from spies ' bill will amend the immigration and citizenship act to ensure that past, present and future espionage activities, as well as technology transfer activities, make entry to the United States inadmissible,” the statement said.

It is also noted that if necessary, the state Department will be able to waive these restrictions, for example, to fulfill US obligations under the UN headquarters agreement.

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