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The US imposes sanctions on Bashar al-Assad's son

The US imposes sanctions on Bashar al-Assad's son

The sanctions list against Syria was supplemented by ten companies and four individuals, including Hafez al-Assad.

Washington has imposed new sanctions against Damascus in order to achieve a long-term political settlement in Syria, including against the son of President Bashar al-Assad, Hafez al-Assad. This was stated during a briefing at the White House by the press Secretary of the US President Kayleigh McEnany.

So, four people, in particular the son of the Syrian leader, and ten companies were included in the sanctions list against Syria.

“The (US) administration remains committed to a long-term political settlement in Syria. The Assad regime and its backers must recognize that a political solution is the only viable mechanism for a peaceful end to the Syrian conflict,” McEnany said.

She also stressed that the new restrictive measures are not directed against the Syrian people, and announced the further expansion of the list.

“New sanctions will follow, which will be part of a constant campaign of economic and political pressure aimed at preventing the Assad regime from using the resources it uses for the war against the Syrian people,” the spokeswoman said.

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