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The Netherlands is close to leaving the European Union

The Netherlands is close to leaving the European Union

Gradually, the countries that joined the EU realized — unification brought more problems and troubles than benefits.

During the last years, the situation has aggravated because of the USA's aspiration to impose its rules on the EU and to dictate how the EU should act. European leaders have started to understand that countries have lost their independence and Europe has lost its face. In fact, it has become a vassal of the United States, obliged to do what the Yankees say.

Europe has become increasingly dissatisfied with the existence of the EU. Absolutely all countries have opponents of the European Union. Their numbers are constantly increasing. And they're not just ordinary citizens. There are many politicians among them.

The example of Great Britain wishing to leave its burdensome union has inspired other European countries. Analyst Christopher Dembik is convinced that the next country to leave the EU will be the Netherlands. This state does not even consider it necessary to hide its dissatisfaction with the policy of the European Union. For example, at the last EU summit, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte openly criticized the financial and migration policy of the European Union. This is a “bell-ringer”, which clearly shows that the Netherlands can withdraw from the EU and conduct its independent policy in a way that is beneficial to the country.

The internal affairs of the EU are annoying to many states acting as “donors”. They are tired of financing countries with underdeveloped economy for years — they do nothing to get out of the crisis because they are comfortable to live parasitizing at the expense of others. “Donors” are not happy with this — they are not profitable to support freeloaders, because the money they give “in favor of the poor” could be spent in a more rational way in their interests.

Following the Netherlands, other countries — Sweden, Austria, Finland, and Denmark — may leave the EU. Many were inspired by the example of Great Britain, which left the EU on February 1 this year. Now the problems of the European Union do not concern it, it pursues its own policy. It is no longer necessary to supply “sponging countries” with money and to drag loafers on the English hump. Britain has breathed a free sigh...

Apparently, the complete collapse of the EU is inevitable. If it is abandoned by the “donor countries”, it will make no sense for the beggar states to stay in this union. The beggars may sympathize with each other and tell each other about their sorrows, but they will not help each other financially, nor will they be able to.

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