For millionaires will release a gold PlayStation 5

For millionaires will release a gold PlayStation 5

In the top configuration, the console will be covered with 24-Karat gold, which will also affect all its accessories.

While Sony is actively engaged in the development of the PlayStation 5 console, it's marketing, advertising, and other important issues, the British company with the high-profile name Truly Exquisite already announced its own development. The basis for it will be the future PS5 console. No one will change its appearance or internal characteristics. Instead, it will be decorated with pure gold and platinum.

Most recently, Truly Exquisite announced on its official website that with the release of the standard model, they will release a modified gold version. For a change, the company decided to release three different versions of the PlayStation 5: the first will be decorated with the purest gold of all existing — 24-Karat. The second will be covered with a more elegant material — platinum. The third one will also be “decorated with gold”, but unlike the first one, it is already 18-Karat.

In addition, all accessories for the console without exception will be decorated with the same 24-Karat gold with the addition of precious stones. The price of the console and its accessories in a gold frame is unknown. Before the start of PS5 sales, the company will not announce prices, but most likely, for those who are already planning to buy a gold console, this is not the main thing.

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