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China's Foreign Ministry has promised a firm and rational response to the” reckless“ actions of the US

China's Foreign Ministry has promised a firm and rational response to the” reckless“ actions of the US

Beijing will take decisive measures in response to Washington's reckless actions against China in the context of the deterioration of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This was stated on Tuesday by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during a telephone conversation with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian, reports.

“When faced with the outrage and recklessness of the United States, China's response will be firm and rational,” said the Chinese Minister, whose words are quoted in a statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “China will resolutely resist malicious practices that infringe on our legitimate rights and interests, and China will never be the first to foment conflict,” the diplomat said, commenting on Washington's closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston and subsequent mirror measures by Beijing against the American diplomatic mission in Chengdu.

Wang Yi added that China and the US should proceed from the principle of rationality. “We are ready to maintain the stability of relations between the two countries on the basis of equal relations, based on the common interests of the peoples of China and the United States, as well as the entire world,” he said.

Wang Yi also noted the need for global community cohesion and global cooperation. According to him, all countries need to “prevent the world from being dragged into a new cold war” and “interrupt the process of globalization”. “We believe that all States can make the right and wise decisions and not necessarily agree with the point of view of an influential political group located in the United States,” Wang Yi added.

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