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Twitter punished the son of the Trump for the video about a pseudo-cure for coronavirus

Twitter punished the son of the Trump for the video about a pseudo-cure for coronavirus

The Trump clan's war with Twitter continues. The administration of the microblogging network has restricted Donald Trump Jr.'s ability to post tweets on his page for 12 hours after he violated a ban on spreading false and potentially harmful information about a new coronavirus, CNN reports.

The network administration has notified the son of US President Donald Trump that he will temporarily not have access to his account

“We have found that this account violates the rules of Twitter. Specifically, it violates the policy of non-proliferation of misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19, “ the administration of the microblogging network clarified.

Now Trump Jr. will not be able to post new messages and share others for 12 hours. The original recording from the video edition of BreitbartNews, which caused criticism of the network's administration, has been deleted.

The controversial video was removed from Facebook and YouTube. On it, a group of people in lab coats called themselves employees of an organization called “American doctors on the front line.” They claimed that in the conditions of a coronavirus pandemic, protective masks are not necessary, and the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, actively promoted by Trump Sr., allegedly has healing properties.

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