In Belgium, they tried to burn down the Parliament because of the coronavirus

In Belgium, they tried to burn down the Parliament because of the coronavirus

Dissatisfaction with the reaction of the Belgian government to the crisis over the coronavirus has reached a new level — if earlier doctors just staged demonstration actions, now it has led to an attack on the country's Parliament.

According to De Standaard, on July 27 in Brussels, 36-year-old Peter V. threw a “Molotov cocktail” to the Parliament.

However, the bottle did not even fly over the high fence, so it did not damage the facade of the Parliament and did not harm anyone. Then the attacker posted a picture on Twitter with other “Molotov cocktails”, threatening “more convincing” actions.

The man was detained and appeared in court the next day. As it turned out, he has far-right views and is actively involved in COVID groups — dissidents who call the coronavirus a lie, and the measures taken to contain the epidemic are excessive.

He called his action a protest against the actions of the leadership of his country and other countries, which he accused of inept handling of the health crisis.

In particular, he noted the lack of funds for the maintenance of nursing homes and an interview with the Belgian virologist Mark Van Ranst, who called the decision to transfer students to distance learning a mistake.

Against this background, the investigators do not consider the terrorist background of the attack.

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